Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ash (Deviants & Saints) 2 TEASER

UNEDITED and may be subjected to change.

Stick Around Then

I step closer to Asher so my breasts press up against him through my leatherjacket. Causing his stony stare to falter as his expression becomes one of uncertainty. I can tell his defenses weakened, he obviously didn’t expect that move. I push my limits and advance closer, my resolve strengthening, my shoulders squared and a smirk playing on my lips. All the while I try to conceal the undeniable throbbing need for him between my legs. “You’re not over me.” I tell him. You can’t miss the conviction in my words as I stare up him, daring him to deny it.

He quickly replaces the uncertain look on his face with an incredulous grin. His perfect smile mocking me. “You’d think that, wouldn't you? I’d rather fuck every girl in this school,” he announces as he gestures towards the halls behind us. “Before I get back with you.”

"Bullshit" I say, calling his bluff.

"Yeah?" He ask daringly.

"Yeah, shithead, yeah." I insist as I match up to him heatedly, borderline near tipping on my toes to get up in his face.

“You don’t think I can move on from you? You’re not all that hard to move on from. In fact, you make moving on pretty easy after what you did.” He says bitterly. Asher's chest suddenly starts to rise and fall in furious breaths and I swallow hard as his darkened eyes take me in.

I forcefully push back the flustered feeling that just threw me off my game. “You know what I think? You still want me, Trackstar. You’re jus’ afraid to admit it” I slowly lick my lips and his eyes follow my tongue as they wet my mouth. Staring for longer than I think he intended to before my tongue slips back inside. “I’m sayin’ you didn’t move on.”

He nears, pressing himself further into me, so much so that I feel his hard chest as he pins me against the locker and I gasp. Asher rubs his cheek against mine, sending jolts of electricity through my now over sensitive skin as his lips make their way to my ear. Suddenly his hand is around my neck. I shut my eyes to keep from giving into the desire of grabbing onto him and pulling him closer so I can feel all his hardness against me. I’m a combination of scared and excited but I don’t even care that we’re in the hallway and people can see us.

I want to really feel him again.

Asher barely tightens his grip around my throat as he holds me in place. His words cause my eyes to shoot open when he starts to speak into my ear but it’s nothing that I want to hear "Stick around then, bitch. You'll see just how much I can move on.” He slowly pulls away, releasing my neck as he stops just inches away from my face to gauge my reaction. He probably expects me to look surprised, wounded or maybe even hurt... and I do. I feel all those things combined and then some. My heart literally feels like it’s hurting and I desperately want to get rid of the lump that’s now painfully lodged in my throat. He wants me to feel bad and he wants to see the hurt he’s caused marked all over my face. I don’t give him the satisfaction.

“Fuck you.”

A sinister smile spreads across his lips. “That you did, Zel… And then shortly after you fucked my brother. I’m not sure which one of us got the better deal when it comes to that pretty little pussy of yours.”

I shove him so hard my wrists sting but he barely budged. Like he expected me to do that. He loves that I’m reacting this way and he’s actually taking pleasure from the fact that he’s causing it.

What happens when love turns to hate? Or in this case, lovehate.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

House Warming Giveaway!

SO! In honor of starting up this new page and Ash (Deviants & Saints) 2 release which is coming this April 25th I'm doing a lil giveaway over at my author page!

Author Page:

To win an Asher keychain, Zel bracelet and Zel bookmarks all you have to do is answer these two questions over at my author page:

1. Asher is an athlete. What sport did he participate in?
2. What was Zel's occupation?

*** Giveaway closes on May 9th & the winner will be chosen randomly . Good luck ;) ! **

Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Release Date!
::May 9th::

The release day of Ash (Deviants & Saints) 2 has been pushed forward to May 9th. That's when you finally get your Ash-fix

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

In celebration of Asher's release (which is only a couple days away) Zel is on sale for .99 c ya'll! For a limited time only, my pretties ;) 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

3. More. Days
Three Days People

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I think my fellow Deviants & Saints know by now that this series is anything but clean-cut. It's DIRTY & WRONG but soo freakin' worth it.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Aaaaaaand The Countdown Begins!

Yeahh, You Heard Me